It Starts With Me!

Are you stuck in a rut? Not quite making the progress that is needed for you to be more effective in different areas of your life?  Such as: friendships? Self-development? School? Career goals? Never fear, you are not alone in this process of life. There is hope for you and me. What I have learned is that when seeking for a solution, we are quick about looking to the left and right before considering ourselves as the culprit of our ineffectiveness.  When, in many cases, we are the hindrance to our progress. I would encourage you to look within. Consider and work on any areas of weakness (such as: procrastination,  unforgiveness, laziness, etc.) that can be strengthened all for the purpose of you making it to the finish line of your goals and dreams.  As you move forward, trust in God to sustain you during this process.

Now, GO for it!


Making A Purposeful IMPACT!



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